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China's moon mission to bring back rock samples blasts off

China has successfully launched a robotic spacecraft to the moon to bring samples of lunar rock back ...View More

Americans could start receiving Pfizer vaccine 'as early as 11 December'

Americans could start receiving a COVID-19 vaccine as early as 11 December, according to the chief s ...View More

Experimental COVID drug used on Trump receives emergency approval

An experimental drug used by Donald Trump when he had COVID-19 has received emergency approval by US ...View More

SpaceX rocket blasts UK-backed 'sea cartographer' satellite into orbit

A satellite that will allow British scientists to measure sea levels has been launched into space on ...View More

Meet the nurse first in the world to get new COVID 'antibody cocktail'

Intensive care nurse Karen Simeson is the first person on the planet to get a new antibody cock ...View More

Manchester United targeted in 'sophisticated' cyber attack

Manchester United have been hit by a cyber attack on their systems, but they are not "currently awar ...View More

Man charged after 'crashing drone into LA police helicopter' - in US legal first

A man has been arrested by FBI special agents in Los Angeles on charges of recklessly flying a drone ...View More

Microplastics found 8,440 metres up in Mount Everest's 'Death Zone'

Microplastics have been discovered in snow and stream water close to the summit of Mount Everest, ac ...View More

How leak of England's lockdown created surge of social activity

On 30 October, something changed in England. Right across the country, people started to go out.Data ...View More

Cyber space will become 'most contested domain', warns UK security chief

UK security officials have warned cyber space will be the "most contested domain" for enemies and al ...View More

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